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The promotions offered by Zenita Finance may include:

Bonus Offers

Cashback Promotions

Exclusive Trading Competitions

These promotions are updated regularly, so traders are encouraged to check back frequently to take advantage of the latest offers.

DoubleUP Bonus

This bonus can be a significant advantage for traders who are looking to maximize their trading potential, reduce risk, and increase their trade capital. The bonus is up to 5000 USD, and the offer is limited.

PrimeBoost Bonus

This bonus encourages traders to stay active and make more trades, which can potentially lead to greater profits. Bonus can be used in drawdown and it can reduce the risk of trades. You can receive up to $5000 as a bonus.

0% Commission

Zenita Finance lets you put money in your account for free. This means when you deposit money, there are no extra charges. So, you can start investing or saving without worrying about paying extra.

Refer a Friend

Users can simply share a referral link with their friends, and new clients can sign up using that link. Once the new client meets certain requirements, the user who referred them will receive the $20 in their personal area.


The main advantage of the Zenita Finance VPS promotion is that it can help enhance trading performance. With a VPS, traders can run their trading strategies 24/7 without interruption. This can help improve trade execution speed and reduce the risk of technical issues.

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